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Laser Hair Removal FAQ’s

How many sessions are typically needed?

Results are unique to each individual however, it usually takes between 6-10 treatments.

Can I pay per session per area or do I have to buy a package?

No, you do not have to purchase a package, you can pay per session, per area! If you do buy a package, you will receive a discounted rate per each area you choose to purchase a package for.

What does laser hair removal feel like and is it painful?

Many describe the feeling of the laser pulses as tiny little rubber band snaps. Most clients report they were much more worried before they actually had the treatment. It is more than tolerable for most.

Do you use anything else to help with the discomfort of laser hair removal?

Certainly! We have a cooling device that connects to our laser to keep your skin nice and cool while being treated. This way you don’t have to feel the full intensity of heat.

Is your laser safe for all colors of skin?

Yes! We have both a YAG and an ALEX, which can be explained as settings for darker and lighter skin ranges.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal machines use non-ionizing radiation, which can be found everywhere. The lights in the machine are not any stronger than a regular light bulb. The pulses of light energy are designed specifically to heat and destroy hair follicles, while leaving surrounding tissue undamaged.

How often can I come in for treatments?

For your first few sessions, you should book 4-6 weeks apart, 4 weeks for face. When you start seeing results, you can start extending your gaps to 5, 6, 7, or even 8 weeks apart. When you get to the point of just needing touch-ups (about once a year), we offer 15 minute touch up packages for $60. With our laser, we can definitely cover a large range of spot touch-ups in that amount of time.

Why can't I tan or be in the sun during treatments?

Unfortunately, sun exposure or treatment on unnatural skin tone presents a high risk for burning. Please make sure to use lots of sunscreen, stay out of the sun, and keep all the treated areas covered away from the sun during treatments!

Injectables FAQ’s

Are the injections painful?

Yes, you will feel the tiny thin injection needle, however most of the products we use such as Juvederm, has a percentage of Lidocaine to assist with the pain. By approximately your third poke most are numb in the areas being injected.

Where can I inject Juvederm?

It can be injected in areas around the face and neck. For example, frown lines, lips, under the eyes, nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck folds.

Does Juvederm require multiple treatments?

If it is your first time receiving Juvederm, depending on your satisfaction with the results, you may feel you need more product. Especially if it is the very first time, more product might naturally dissolve out of the areas.

Does Botox require more than one treatment?

Each client is different, however Botox does fade. If you are happy with your results, you may want to come back for more!

Where can Botox be injected?

It can be injected in areas of the face and also under the arms. Facial areas can include, forehead creases, between and above the eyebrows, downturned smile lines, frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and around the nose.

What are the after effects of Juvederm?

Some possible after affects can be bruising, swelling, temporary numbness and soreness in the areas treated. It is also very common throughout the healing process to notice the lips, as an example, to be uneven. This will subside after a few weeks or less of healing time.

What are the after effects of Botox?

Some possible after affects can be bruising, swelling, temporary numbness and soreness in the areas treated. It is also very common during the healing process to see the areas as lopsided or stiff. This will subside within a few weeks or less of healing time.

Can I do anything after Botox for pain or discomfort?

Yes, you may ice the areas if you feel discomfort. It is required that you keep the treated areas away from the sun and UV Rays.

What if I don't like the results or think there was too much product injected?

There is dissolvent available in case you do not like the look and a separate appointment can be booked for this.

Do you recommend getting my injections right before a special event?

It is suggested to give yourself at least a week to heal after both Juvederm and Botox injections. It is not suggested to book the treatment right before a special event.

Can I get laser hair removal in the injected area?

No, please make sure to wait at least 3-4 weeks before receiving laser hair removal on an injected area.