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Lumecca IPL Photofacial

Want to revitalize your skin but don’t like needles? IPL photofacials are an effective no-needle procedure that can have your skin looking hydrated and brand new!

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What To Know

What is an IPL Photofacial?

Dark spots, skin discoloration, spider veins, and dry skin can affect the way you feel and look. IPL (intense pulse light) photofacial treatments are among the safest light-based treatments available. Also known as “facial rejuvenation,” “fotofacial,” and “photo rejuvenation,” IPL photofacial procedures are popular due to their effectiveness and minor discomfort during their sessions. Although they are called photofacials, this procedure can be done on other areas of the body, such as the neck, chest, hands, and feet.

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IPL Photofacial Treatment

Rebuilding Beautiful Skin

What Makes Lumecca IPL Photofacial Different?

Lumecca is the strongest IPL treatment on the market. It’s completely safe, and uses the highest power possible to deliver skin boosting results in fewer sessions. While traditional IPL might take 6-8 sessions to achieve a desired look, Lumecca can deliver the same results in just 1-3 sessions. You cans save time while getting the same, beautiful results!

How Do Lumecca
IPL Photofacials Work?

Lumecca IPL Photofacials work by using intense light pulses that penetrate the skin to deeply effect target problem areas. The light activates the skin to produce more collagen, leaving the skin smoother and softer than it was before. Elasticity of the skin is also improved, which gives patients a more youthful look. This safe and popular skincare procedure is an alternative to needle procedures, such as microneedling.

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sun spot treatment

Rejuvenating Treatment

What Can Lumecca IPL Photofacial Treat

  • Unwanted Freckles
  • Large Pores
  • Spider Veins
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun Spots
  • Discolored Skin
  • Age Spots/Brown Spots
  • Rosacea/Facial Redness
  • Large Pores
  • Discolored Scars

Finding The Right Fit

Are Lumecca IPL Photofacials Right For You?

Lumecca IPL Photofacial can treat a wider range of skin tones than traditional IPL. However, because IPL technology works by targeting certain colors in the skin, not everyone is an ideal candidate for these procedures. Factors can include your skin color and condition, the type of medication you’re taking, and your pre-existing conditions.

Patients should also expect recurring sessions throughout the year for maximum effectiveness. Each individual is different so it’s best to discuss with a licensed professional if this procedure is suitable for your skin. Here at Lazer Lounge, we offer a 100% free consultation with a licensed professional to discuss if you’re a good candidate for Lumecca IPL photofacial.

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Being Prepared

What To Expect During An Lumecca IPL Photofacial Treatment

Our licensed professional will walk you through step-by-step in what to expect before the procedure starts. This is a great time to ask any questions for clarification. At the start of your IPL photofacial session, you will first be given protective eyewear and ultrasound gel to cool the skin. Depending on the patient’s goal, the procedure can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Unlike traditional IPL, Lumecca has a cooling tip made of sapphire that helps protect the surface of your skin and maximize comfort.

Depending on the patient’s goal, the procedure can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Results will appear gradually and can be visible within 24-48 hours, with optimal results appearing in 2 weeks. We recommend the best way to see long lasting effects is to receive 3 to 6 treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. Follow up treatments should be considered every 6 to 12 months.

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IPL Photofacial Cost

Take a look at our price list below to see how much our IPL photofacials cost:

IPL Photofacial$250
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