Under Eye Bag Treatment

Under Eye Fillers and Treatments

If you’ve been considering getting under-eye fillers or other treatments, you’re not alone. Dark circles and under eye bags can make us look tired or simply older, even if we feel great on the inside. It’s a very common treatment area for our clients, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), it’s common throughout the country as well. In 2020 alone, 3.4 million filler procedures were performed throughout the country.

Make-up and concealer do well as a quick fix for the under eyes, but many people turn to filler and other treatments because they are an effective way to reduce the look of eye bags for an extended period of time.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

Under eye bags can be caused by a number of reasons including sun exposure, a high salt diet, allergies, or thyroid problems. However, the most common causes for under eye bags are natural aging and genetics.

As we age, the space under our eyes loses volume and the collagen that keeps our skin firm begins to deteriorate. As a result, the fat pads surrounding our eyes bulge out, creating an unflattering bubble-like appearance and dark lines.

Our under-eye treatments can help balance the face and make you look younger for months or even years. Although the results are temporary, they can be quite dramatic and make you look refreshed and youthful.

Examining Under Eye Treatment

Common Under Eye Solutions

Every case is different, and there a couple different reasons you may be seeking out under-eye fillers or other treatments.

Under Eye Bag Treatment

The tissues and muscle around your eyes weaken with age, and the normal fat that supports your eyes can move into the lower eyelids. With thinner, less elastic skin, the fat pockets below the eyes become more prominent and “puffy.” Luckily, Lazer Lounge has selection of dermal filler that are excellent for under-eye bag treatments and can get you looking youthful in no time.


Best Under Eye Bag Treatment


Dark Circles Treatment

For many, dark circles under the eyes are a temporary result of being tired. However, age and eye strain can also cause dark circles, as they cause the dark blood vessels beneath your skin to become more visible. Our dark circle treatments can help brighten the under eyes to make you look as youthful as you feel!


Tear Trough Filler

A tear trough is a dark crease between the eye and upper cheek that casts a shadow below the eyes. It can give the face a sunken, tired appearance, so it’s understandable that many patients come to us for this problem area. Tear trough filler is an excellent option to correct deep tear troughs!


Under Eye Treatments

Under eye fillers also known as tear trough fillers are a soft, gel-like substance injected under the skin. The filler reduces the depth of a tear trough by adding volume and smoothness to the area. All of Lazer Lounge’s tear trough filler options are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar that is created in our body. HA fillers results last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

Restylane-L Under-Eye Filler


Restylane-L is an HA filler that restores volume loss under the eyes. It also promotes collagen production to give a youthful look. Restylane-L is formulated with a very small percentage of lidocaine, which helps reduce the pain during and after the procedure. If you’re concerned about discomfort of the injection, Restylane-L is a great choice.

Revanesse Versa+ Tear Trough Filler

Revanesse Versa+

Revanesse Versa+ is another hyaluronic acid-based under eye filler that has a unique cross-linked HA formula. Like other fillers, it works by adding volume below the eyes and promoting collagen production. What sets Versa+ apart from other HA fillers is that the post-injection swelling is nearly non-existent, allowing for a faster recovery time.

Plasma Pen For Under-Eye Bag Treatment

The Plasma Pen

If you’re not interested in filler, the Plasma Pen is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that tones, and smooths away under-eye bags in a quick, pain-free session. The pen creates a plasma flash of controlled light that micro damages the epidermis, which stimulates contraction and repair of the skin. This under eye bag treatment promotes collagen production to brighten your skin and make you appear more youthful!

What Does Under Eye Filler Cost?

By now you may be wondering to yourself, ‘how much does under eye filler cost?’

At Lazer Lounge, we have a wide variety of FDA-approved filler products and treatments to help you achieve your goals. Various treatments will have different costs depending on the manufacturer, unit of measurements, and treatment type. To see our under eye filler cost, it’s best to visit each individual treatment pages which are Restylane-L, Revanesse Versa+, and The Plasma Pen.

What is the Best Under Eye Treatment?

Lazer Lounge’s experts only perform procedures of the highest quality, but many clients ask “What is the best under eye treatment?” Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer.

All of the procedures listed above are good choices, but in order to determine the under-eye filler or treatment best for you, we must consider your problem area’s current condition, your goals, and your budget. The best course of action is to speak with a Lazer Lounge expert to determine which option best suits your needs!

Under-eye Filler

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